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Amalfi Coast - Italy
Travel Guides & Advice for Travellers

As travelers journey down the fabled Amalfi Coast, their route takes them past rocky cliffs plunging into the sea and small boats lying in sandy coves like brightly colored fish. Erosion has contorted the rocks into shapes resembling figures from mythology and hollowed out fairy grottoes where the air is turquoise and the water an icy blue. In winter nativity scenes of moss and stone are created in the rocks. White villages dripping with flowers nestle in coves or climb like vines up the steep, terraced hills. Lemon trees abound, loaded with blossom or fruit -- and netting in winter to protect the fruit. The road must have a thousand turns, each with a different view, on its dizzying 69-km (43-mi) journey from Sorrento to Salerno.

Sorrento is across the Bay of Naples from Naples itself, on autostrada A3 and SS145. The Circumvesuviana railway, which stops at Herculaneum and Pompeii, provides another connection. The coast between Naples and Castellammare, where road and railway turn off onto the Sorrento peninsula, seems at times depressingly overbuilt and industrialized. Yet Vesuvius looms to the left, you can make out the 3,000-foot-high mass of Monte Faito ahead, and on a clear day you can see Capri off the tip of the peninsula. The scenery improves considerably as you near Sorrento, where the coastal plain is carved into russet cliffs rising perpendicularly from the sea. This is the Sorrento (north) side of the peninsula; on the other side is the more dramatically scenic Amalfi Coast. But Sorrento has at least two advantages over Amalfi: the Circumvesuviana railway terminal and a fairly flat terrain. A stroll around town is a pleasure -- you'll encounter narrow alleyways and interesting churches, and the views of the Bay of Naples from the Villa Comunale and the Museo Correale are priceless.

Taxi from Naples/Rome airport/train station

By public transportation from Naples airport/train station
From Fiumicino airport
By Car
By ferry & hydrofoil

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From Sorrento to Positano-Praiano-Amalfi
From Rome to the Amalfi Coast

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Hotel Onda Verde

The Hotel Onda Verde recommend…..

Amalfi Drive: The most spectacular section is between Amalfi and Positano - approximately 40 km. The road is just two cars wide in many sections, so take care. Passengers may relax and be spellbound. It's so glorious that you will want to make the journey in the opposite direction.

Statale 163 (State Highway 163), which runs along the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsula as far as Salerno, is better known as the Amalfi Drive. It can be reached from Naples via the A3 Autostrada to Castellammare di Stabia, which is on the northern side of the Sorrentine peninsula and is linked to Sorrento farther west by Statale 145. Beyond Sorrento, Statale 145 winds westward around the tip of the peninsula and returns eastward along its southern edge as Statale 163 - the Amalfi Drive. The road is a concrete ribbon that rewards visitors with mountain-meets-sea views at every turn, but driving it, as well as the narrow hairpin roads of the Sorrentine peninsula, can be both a joy and a challenge. Medium-size cars are a good compromise. The round reflecting mirrors set along major curves in the road intend to show if others are coming around a bend; they may help but remain ever alert. Honk before curves to let oncoming traffic know about you, and Listen for honks from oncoming curves. Buses and trucks will sometimes require you to back up; if there's a standoff, take it in stride, as it goes on all the time.

For these circumstances we would like to recommend you that the best way to get to Hotel Onda Verde from Naples is by pre-arranged taxi. We can arrange for a luxurious and comfortable Mercedes to meet you at the Naples airport or train station and bring you directly to us, for a one way fare of Euro 120,00 for up to 3 persons (90' min. route driving). With this method you will be met at either the Naples airport or railway station (Piazza Garibaldi) by a driver holding a sign with your name. Then you will ride comfortably to Hotel Onda Verde, enjoying the beautiful scenery without worries about directions or charges. Click to Learn More.
Also, we want to inform that many guests that come here with a rental car, once that they have understood the difficulty to drive they leave the auto in the parking without using it for all the stay losing all the money they spent for the rental. This money can be well spent enjoying in relax the day trips well organized with English speaking guides to Pompeii & Vesuvius, Herculaneum & Sorrento, Naples, Paestum and Rome, we will be happy to arrange all of these activities for you. The Hotel Onda Verde also, is well connected with bus stop on our parking to Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento and Pompeii.

Parking is a major problem. It is often a good idea (if not the only option) to park your car in a designated (preferably attended) lot. Parking in an area signposted zona disco (disk zone) is allowed for limited periods (from 30 minutes to two hours or more - the limit is posted); if you don't have the cardboard disk (inquire at the local tourist office) to show what time you parked, you can use a piece of paper. The parcometro, the Italian version of metered parking in which you put coins into a machine for a stamped ticket that you leave on the dashboard, has been introduced in some places. It's advisable to leave your car only in guarded parking areas.

Therefore, for a tranquil vacation, we advise leaving your own car at home and making use of taxi or public transport as explained below.

If you prefer to use the public transportation services on these web pages we have included all the timetables and available services relevant to the Amalfitana coast, that is to say the timetables of Sita buses, the Circumvesuviana trains and the ferries, so that you will be able to arrange excursions to Amalfi (7 Km), Positano (7 Km), Ravello (13 Km) and other points of interest on the Sorrentina-Amalfitana coast directly from home.
These depart and arrive from our parking lot. Just a visit to the page detailing all the excursions to the Amalfitana coast should be enough to assure you that you don’t need a car in order to go on them. Avoid the torturous coastal driving conditions and save the costs of parking (should there be any available at all).

Once a forgotten fishing villages, Praiano, Amalfi, Positano are now the best attractions on the Amalfi Coast. From Praiano, Positano and Amalfi you can take ferries to Capri in summer, escorted bus rides to Ravello, and tours of the Grotta dello Smeraldo. If you're staying in Positano, check whether your hotel has a parking area. If not, you will have to pay for space in a parking lot, which is almost impossible to find during the high season, from Easter to September. The best bet for day-trippers is to arrive by bus -- there is a good, regular service -- or else get to Positano or Amalfi early enough to find a parking space.

The wide territory of Praiano occupies that part of the Amalfi Coast between Positano and Conca dei Marini, on both sides of the promontory of Capo Sottile (Thin Cape). The town of Praiano is on the easterly side of the cape, between 80 and 180 meters on the sea level, with houses spread on the final stretch of the incline falling from the 1122 meters of Mount Tre Galli. The name is derived from the latin Pelagianum (open sea) who changed in the Middle Ages to Plagianum and finally to Praiano.
At the age of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, Praiano was chosen as a summer residence for the Dogi (Dukes of Amalfi), as testimony of the vocation by this place for the relaxing and discrete vacation, far from the usual touristic routes and loved by elites.

The lower part of Praiano stretch up to the Marina di Praia, the only landing point of the ancient Plagianum, with a narrow beach between two rocky walls, at the mouth of the rough ravine of Praia. On the promontory there is the Guard Tower of medieval origin, built to watch the sea and alarm the town when the ships of Saracen pirates came for forays. Nowadays the Marina di Praia is an appreciated sea resort and by renting a boat is possible to visit the surroundings, most of all the beautiful grottos of Suppraiano and of the Africana. On the other side of Capo Sottile, with wonderful view over Positano and the whole final part of the peninsula up to the isle of Capri, there is Vettica Maggiore, today hamlet of Praiano, but in the past autonomous village. At a few distance of the centre of Vettica Maggiore, going down to the sea, there are the Tower of Grado, built by the Spanish during the Viceroyalty, and the Beach of Gavitella in the cove with the same name, the only beach on the Amalfi Coast lightened by the sun until sunset, for its favourable position facing the West and view over Positano and Capri.

The town of Amalfi is romantically situated at the mouth of a deep gorge and has some good-quality hotels and restaurants. It's also a convenient base for excursions to Capri and the Grotta dello Smeraldo. The parking problem here is as bad as that in Positano. The small lot in the center of town fills quickly; if you're willing to pay the steep prices, make a lunch reservation at one of the hotel restaurants and have your car parked for you.

Perched on a ridge high above Amalfi and the neighboring town of Atrani, the enchanting village of Ravello has stupendous views, quiet lanes, two important Romanesque churches, and several irresistibly romantic gardens. Set "closer to the sky than the sea," according to André Gide, the town has been the ultimate aerie ever since it was founded as a smart suburb for the richest families of Amalfi's 12th-century maritime republic. Rediscovered by English aristocrats a century ago, the town now hosts one of Italy's most famous music festivals.

Spread out along its bay, Salerno was long a sad testimony to years of neglect and overdevelopment, but the antique port is now reevaluating its artistic heritage. It's a well-connected base for exploring the Cilento area to the south, which has such lovely sea resorts as San Marco di Castellabate and Palinuro, and inland some fine mountain walks and spectacular gorges and caves, such as Castelcivita and Pertosa.


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